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New York State Contracts
How to place a NYS Contract Order
    - Address the order to the Vendor using their address and denoting "Caitlin 
      Office Interiors" as the dealer by stating c/o Caitlin Office Interior & Design, 

    - Be sure to put the NYS Contract Number on the order as well, beginning 
      with PC and followed by the number

    - Indicate the "Ship to" address, a contact, and a phone #, when possible

    - If this is to be installed, contact us for installation costs because that also 
      must be included on the order

    - Orders should be faxed to Caitlin Office Interiors at 315-331-7088.  We will 
      review the order and fax them to the vendor.  If there are any questions 
      about this, please contact us.

Contract orders require standard lead times, usually about 4 weeks, if not more.  Should you need something sooner, you may order off the contract, but not at the contract pricing, and we will see if it is in our warehouse.

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