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Design Services
We have professional design staff to help you get the most out of your office space.  We can specify all the office furnishings which include furniture systems, carpeting, wall coverings, window treatments, and accessories.  We put form and function to work for you from the ground up.  We can even show you a layout of your new office before you purchase!  These are available in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional views, offering you a virtual tour of your very own workspace using our state-of-the-art design rendering software!

In addition to our CAD design of your space, we have the capability of designing all of the finishes for your interiors:  windows, walls, floors, and furniture.  Following our interview process, we can develop color boards detailing items to be specified on your building or refurbishing project.

And when it comes to delivering your furniture, some suppliers will only drop off the boxes on your dock.  Not us!  We can uncrate and inspect your order prior to inside delivery.  We also know how to properly handle and set up furniture so you can enjoy a hassle-free, damage-free, experience should you request installation.  Your furniture is in capable hands with our professional installation staff!

We stock thousands of furniture products for immediate delivery from our inventory.  We can also special order additional furniture products from the many manufacturers with whom we do business.  Either way, you'll be getting your furniture delivery in the quickest way possible, guaranteed!

There may also be times when you just need that single chair, file cabinet, or other everyday item.  And, you'll want it fast!  For those orders, don't hesitate to call us for quick-ship service to virtually anywhere in the country.  Finally, if you're looking for a desk, chair, file cabinet, etc. for your home office, we've got you covered!
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